Welcome to the asset listing application page

50% Discount until end of November!!!

Listing fee can be paid only in SPES coin

Listing prices are different for different coin types:

Bitcoin forks = 5000 SPES

Monero/Bytecoin forks = 10000 SPES

All TRTL forks have to pay 15000 SPES !!!

Each additional trading pair, like LTC, DOGE = 1500 !!!

Adding in 5 days

High priority to wallet updates

Crypto Hub Exchange supports Bitcoin-like coins and Monero/Bytecoin-like coins.

Waves tokens is no more allowed
Crypto Hub Exchange doesn't support ethash/equihash coins nor ERC20 tokens

Check our Listing Terms before you submit the application:Listing Terms

Coin Listing Form click here

Adding time up to 5 days

Add coin to next voting

Will appear in nearest voting with free place

You need login to do that

The coin with the most votes will be listed.
To be considered for listing, the coin must have at least 150 votes.
Only users of Level 4 and Level 5 can vote.

Fake accounts, created only for voting purpose will be BANNED from the exchange, the votes will not be counted and the coin will never be listed.