Account restore

Password restore

If you lost password you can restore it by login with empty password field. In this case you will get email with link to restore password.
If you also lost access to your email there is no method to restore access.

2FA restore

If you lost 2FA key the restoration has price 5000 SPES. Also you need remember what coins and how much coins you have on the balance. If you have 0 balance it's easier to create new account.
To proceed send 5000 SPES to address SvkwMSm2eFvXZScir7nE3ReuCrx4LZcPBD3N63oh6YqrU3qjtCyJ7zEVw31LFnpTawSVV4x9EmXMHBraL5c1kHZc1UdpPY4xx and fill the form below. The restoration will take up to 10 days.
Do no send SPES from another Crypto Hub Exchange account!

Tx id of 5000 SPES sending
Email of account to restore
What coins and amounts you have on the balance